Keadby Wind Farm powers up as traffic concern persists

The first turbine components are delivered to the Keadby wind farm site following months of enabling works in the area.
The first turbine components are delivered to the Keadby wind farm site following months of enabling works in the area.

A new Isle wind farm has powered up and delivered its first electricity to residents’ homes and businesses.

The first turbines at the Keadby Wind Farm have been energised and exported electricity to the National Grid.

The 34-turbine farm is due for completion next summer and site owners SSE Renewables hailed the move as important milestone in the facility’s development.

Project manager David Sutton said: “Once the turbines are installed, they undergo rigorous testing and commissioning before they can be declared operational.

“This is an exciting point in the construction process and it’s great to see the first turbines generating electricity.”

However despite the company’s optimism, concerns still persisted this week over traffic congestion on roads in and around the site.

Residents have been worried about traffic build up caused by lorries going to and from the site while it is being built.

Isle MP Andrew Percy told the Epworth Bells recently that residents still fear the roads will be clogged up during construction.

SSE has however now completed work on a new bridge which it says will enable easier and safer access for construction vehicles from the A18 without the need to travel through villages.

Keadby councillor John Briggs said this week he would be monitoring traffic and would be raising any issues of concern with the company.

He said: “There was traffic lights on the A18 while the bridge was being constructed but they were removed a few weeks ago once the bridge was completed.

“The bridge is in place so lorries going to and from the site do not have to go through the villages.

“There was quite a few complaints about the traffic issue but hopefully this will put an end to any disruptions.

“However, residents should be rest assured that we will be keeping a very close eye on the situation throughout the wind farm’s construction.

“I will continue to monitor the traffic and noise from the site because there are a lot of people interested in what is going on at the site.”

Once fully commissioned, the development will be the largest onshore wind farm in England.

It will produce enough energy to power the equivalent of more than 57,000 homes.

SSE has formed a residents’ group to keep people informed of developments.

The company has also vowed to put some of the profits generated from the project into nearby communities.

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