Just one piece at a time....

Remember Trigger off only Fools and Horses?

He had the same brush for 20 years - except it had five new heads and four new handles. That’s the feeling I’m getting with my banger of a car.

Since I bought it two years ago , it’s had a new tailgate, new exhaust, new clutch, new brake discs, two sets of tyres, windscreen wipers, washers pumps, starter motor, head gasket, battery, coolant sensor and loads of other spare parts.

It’s getting to the point where it is in effect a new car apart from the creaking superstructure holding the confounded thing together.

And the problem is, whenever another repair bill inevitably rears its head, and I’m tempted to scrap it, the same cruel logic enters the equation - can I get a new vehicle for the cost of the work which needs to be done?

The answer is no and so I cough up again and again. Four weeks after the gasket went, now the heater motor has packed in.

I reckon the moolah I’ve spent over the past year would have bought me a much better motor than the one I’m currently chugging around in - and then some.

So tell me garage types: Is there some preconfigured built-in weakness which causes automobile parts to self destruct just a few weeks shy of each other and thus triggering this eternal conundrum - and making a right Plonker out of Mr Rogers?