Isle homeskills coach resolves anti social behaviour cases

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A newly appointed Homeskills Coach, taken on by housing company ongo, has seen a 76 per cent success rate in supporting referred anti social behaviour cases between January and December 2014.

The coach works with the company’s newly appointed Homecheck Officers, as part of a new pilot aimed at obtaining information on the condition of a property, including damage and identifying any tenancy breaches, in addition to gathering information on wider neighbourhood issues, customer feedback, encouraging tenants to make better use of online activity, and enabling them to help and provide advice where necessary.

Of the 5,193 Homecheck visits completed by six Officers by the end of December 2014, with an average 103 visits per week, 57 per cent of cases resulted in one or more referrals to various departments across the organisation, including the Maintenance Team and Tenancy Support Team.

Fifty seven of these cases were referred to the Homeskills Coach, whose role it is to teach, demonstrate and encourage with the objective that the tenant can then sustain long term improvements in how they look after their home.