‘Invisible’ Doncaster polling station labelled ‘a farce’

Jacky Oruc
Jacky Oruc

A Doncaster polling station has been labelled ‘a farce’ after a voter struggled unsuccessfully to find it.

Jacky Oruc claimed the wrong post-code had been put on the polling card, and no trace was available of it on internet based maps.

She complained that the Maple Grove Communal Hall polling station, in Armthorpe, was nearly impossible to find without previous local knowledge.

Jacky, of Armthorpe, said she spend hours pouring over the maps on the internet and was still unable to find it, adding the postcode given on the polling card was incorrect. It also did not appear on some maps. She said was on the verge of giving up.

She said: “It is a farce. It is invisible on the internet. I’ve never had any problems like this before.

“The post code on the polling card is wrong, DN3 3EQ. It sends you to a wood yard in the middle of a field, I have confirmed with helpline on the polling card they have given me a new post code which is DN3 2EQl. On Google maps, the post code identifies a residential property with no obvious community halls nearby. The address doesn’t help either. Maple Grove, no road names, well Maple Grove doesn’t come up on Google maps.”

“They helpfully told me the place was hard to find, but did not have anyone who knows where it is, Somebody might ring me later. Well I would like to vote so if anyone can find it please do let me know!”

The council’s own webside says only that the site needs two signs to help people find it. Maple Avenue is between Almond Avenue and Chestnut Avenue.

A Doncaster Council spokesman said: “We advise anyone who has difficulty finding a polling station to call the council customer service desk on 01302 736000.”

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