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Health news

A warning has been issued about party drugs after a Doncaster teenager collapsed and died after a night out.

The borough’s public health director urged young people not to risk their lives by taking illegal drugs.

Witnesses told a Doncaster inquest 18-year-old Ryan Byatt was seen semi-naked ‘moon walking’ and trying to walk through fences before he fell to the ground in Askern in July 2012.

Ryan, of Park Drive, Campsall, did not regain consciousness and died later that evening in Doncaster Royal Infirmary with his family by his bedside.

His friends told police he had spent much of the previous night and day taking ecstasy and M-Cat, which are class A and class B drugs respectively.

Ryan’s death was described as “very tragic” by a coroner.

After the inquest, Dr Tony Baxter, Doncaster’s director of public health, said: “This tragedy has to serve as a warning and a message to people about the dangers of taking drugs, such as ecstasy and M-Cat.

“There is no way of knowing fully what is in these drugs or how an individual may react, but the deaths of several young people over the years show that drugs can and do kill.

“By all means go out and have a good time but without putting your lives at risk by taking drugs.”

Pathologist Kim Suvarna said the death was due to drug toxicity.

Assistant Coroner Mike Mellon said Ryan’s death was drug related.