In the Saddle: The winner takes it all ...........

Tia Atkinson with 'Jay' winning Supreme Championship.
Tia Atkinson with 'Jay' winning Supreme Championship.

I bumped into a friend, Tia, a few weeks ago whilst my daughter was out competing her pony, she was there with her horse Whispering Misty Morn' or otherwise known as 'Jay' a beautiful 16.3hh Polish Warmblood/Arab cross Welsh in a lovely chocolate dun colour.

Lissy was waiting for her showing class and Tia had just come out of her in-hand showing class and had won it and was about to enter the Supreme Championships as I saw her.

I'd met Jay before whilst we were out competing at Epworth Show earlier this year. He stands tall at 16.3hh and was impeccably behaved in the collecting ring. Tia had told me he was 9 years old and she had him since he was 8 months old. She'd had a tough old time with Jay as a youngster where he had bucked her off and it had made Tia question her confidence with him.

Since then the pair have taken everything slowly and with time and training he has matured into a lovely guy. She's put a lot of groundwork into him (working on the ground rather than under saddle) to reestablish their bond and connect her as a leader in Jay's eyes and through going back to basics with schooling and building everything up these two really have become a great team - despite their earlier shaky start.

Tia is by no means a beginner in the saddle. She's been riding since she was knee high to a grasshopper starting off on a Shetland pony moving on to her first pony and eventually competing in one-day events.

Tia explained that next year she is aiming to be showing under saddle, starting cross country and taking on a bit of dressage and hunting.

It's an exciting start to 2017 for these two and lovely to see her doing so well.

Needless to say at the show I saw her at she came out of the class as winner of the Supreme Championships and I am really not surprised.

Well deserved Tia and good luck for the future .