In the Saddle: Riding down memory lane...

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The other week it flashed up on my Facebook memories that it was this time last year I first met baby Sully as a diddy foal.

I remember the day very well. I was sat on the sofa with my husband scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook when my friend Nikki shared a photo of what looked like a Dalmatian pony.

I remember being mesmerised by this little spotty foal, unlike any horse I had ever seen, and so I showed my husband the photo.

Of course, I was simply commenting on how awesome this little chap looked and laughing about how he looked like a Dalmatian dog. I never expected my husband (who is so not into horses, trust me!) to say “buy him”.

At that time I wasn't looking for another horse, let alone a foal. I'd no experience of working with babies and youngsters myself, although I had plenty of friends who had. It was a crazy idea. Yet, there I was thinking about it.

I contacted Nikki who told me the breeder, Paula Moore, was a good, reputable breeder and she could vouch for her having bought her beautiful puppy from Paula the year before.

I was very sensible. Right there and then I knew I had to do some research and look into what it meant to take on a young horse and see if I was capable.

I rang my trainer, I spoke to friends who had bred foals and taken on young horses, and people I trust. It was a now or never thing. I'm 44 after all, not 20.

I've never looked back. It is the best thing I've ever done in my horsey life. At a year old he's been to local shows, his first (and my first) county show, his breed show and has fitted right into family life. Thanks to my amazing husband for believing in me right from the start.

A massive thanks to Claire Cooper who has been instrumental in showing me how to train a foal. I can't wait to write about her new arrival - a foal called Bertie.