Hypnotherapist Jayne May: Don’t let stress ruin your wonderful Christmas time

festive stress
festive stress

As Christmas seems to be rushing towards us, are you aware of a growing sense of panic and fear?

Is your list of ‘things to do’ longer than a roll of wrapping paper? Don’t worry, help is at hand.

I’m Jayne May, from Clear Pathway Hypnotherapy, living in Sheffield with my partner Richard, and I’m here to help you with your Christmas stresses and putting things into perspective.

If you’re feeling a little bit stressed out by Christmas, you’re certainly not alone. But if you follow four simple rules, you can have the wonderful Christmas you’ve been dreaming of.

n Christmas is not a competition: Don’t compare and despair! We often feel pressure to make Christmas ‘perfect’and match everybody’s ideal festive expectations. We tell ourselves we mustn’t let people down. Here’s a little secret: perfection doesn’t exist! Christmas is about being with those you love and care about. They’re also the ones who love and care about you and time spent together. You can be sure that they won’t be giving you marks out of ten.

n Christmas trimmings: Make a long, long list of things you think you ought to do. Then trim it down. Then trim it down again. Christmas is a good example of how we set ourselves impossible tasks, and then beat ourselves up for not delivering. Don’t be your own worst enemy; be kind to yourself; be realistic. Achieve what you can – don’t struggle.

n The ghosts of Christmas past: Identify any high- risk situations or triggers that may lead you to become anxious or stressed. Do you have conflicts in making family arrangements? Are you going to be alone over Christmas? Ask yourself how you can think about and manage those situations differently, so that you can cope and stay happy and relaxed. When we feel lonely or overwhelmed, we start to feel stressed, panic and anxious. Take responsibility now to handle differently any potential situations that may bring you Christmas angst. There’s always another way.

n Give yourself a Christmas kiss: It’s important to take time at Christmas for yourself. Make it part of your plan to do something you enjoy. Even just a soak in a warm, scented bath can help you relax and unwind. A walk in the countryside can be an exhilarating stress-soother (and hangover cure), so be a little bit selfish. You deserve it.

Email jayne.clearpathway@gmail.com or visit www.clearpathway.co.uk if you would like help handling your Christmas stress. And have a wonderful, stress-free Christmas.