High praise for classical music at Cast

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Initial findings are in from a year-long research project investigating the impact of Cast, Doncaster’s new performance venue, on classical music audience by documenting audience attitudes towards the venue through its first year of opening.

Sheffield-based chamber music organisation Music in the Round moved its regular Doncaster-based concert series from the Priory Church to Cast earlier this year and has so far played to over 1700 people.

The research project is conducted by University of Sheffield first year researcher, Lucy Dearn, who is working on an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award which investigates the impact of classical music in collaboration with Music in the Round and The Sheffield Performer and Audience Research Centre.

Throughout the report attendees described Cast as “fabulous”, “attractive”, “modern” and “welcoming” and the second space, where Music in the Round hold their regular Ensemble 360 converts as “intimate”, “stimulating”, and “homely”.

Audiences consist of a varied demographic of which 39% had never attended a classical music concert in Doncaster before and the majority commenting that they felt included in the performance saying that sitting ‘in the round’ helped them feel closer to and more absorbed by the music.

Many audience members went on to talk about the benefits they feel Cast will have for the arts in Doncaster, commenting on the impressiveness of the building and how proud and lucky they felt to have such an excellent theatre in Doncaster.

Research will continue at the next concert in the series at Cast on Saturday July 5 featuring Ensemble 360 and will be continue until Spring 2015.

Music in the Round will be performing two concerts at Cast on Saturday July 5, Stan and Mabel, the music loving dog and cat, at 3pm in the Main Space and their regular Ensemble 360 concert in the Second Space at 7pm.