Hexthorpe residents call on MP to take action

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A community leader is calling on a Doncaster MP to do more to tackle problems with anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping in the area.

According to the managing director of the Hexthorpe Social Enterprise, Stuart Boardman, many residents in the village say they feel as though they have been ‘abandoned’.

And as Doncaster Central MP, Rosie Winterton, gets ready to meet with people in the area on Friday, Mr Boardman says he hopes Miss Winterton will ‘really listen’ to the concerns of residents.

This comes after a flare-up in community tensions last summer led to two men being stabbed following a fight between groups of Poles and Slovaks, and continuing problems with anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping that have led to the council being called on to do a ‘deep-clean’ of the village once a fortnight.

Mr Boardman told The Star: “One of the main problems we have is with fly-tipping, it’s constant. The council are doing they’re best and do a deep-clean regularly, but the next day the alleys are filled with rubbish and human waste with nappies and such again, you wouldn’t believe the stench. It’s just disgusting. There’s a lot of apathy here at the moment, people just feel like they’ve been abandoned. People try and call the police when things are going on, and the anti-social behaviour gets particularly bad again in the summer months, but when you call 101 you can’t get through to the police to let them know. But then people feel like giving up because they can’t get through, but when they do that the police say things aren’t as bad as they actually are.”

Mr Boardman says he believes that problems around anti-social behaviour and fly tipping have caused the value of residents’ houses to plummet.

“People are wanting to move because things have got so bad, but then when they try to they find they’re having to put their houses on the market for £20,000 to £30,000 less,” said Mr Boardman.

He added: “Hexthorpe has never been a wealthy village, but things are getting worse, and there are lots of hidden costs like insurance premiums going up because of crime and what’s going on.”

Rosie Winterton is set to take part in a ‘walk about’ of Hexthorpe on Friday afternoon between 1.30pm and 4.30pm, before a community meeting that will be held at the Kings Cross Church in Urban Road, Hexthorpe.

“I welcome Rosie coming, and I hope it will make a difference,” continued Mr Boardman.