Here’s a dead good location!

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You might have grave misgivings about taking on this restoration project...

But you certainly won’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbours.

The derelict Hyde Park Cemetery Lodge in Carr Lane, Doncaster, overlooking hundreds of graves, goes up for auction this afternoon and could be yours for around £25,000.

But the cost of restoring the stone-built 1850s listed building might be more than £100,000, reckons Richard Bell, chair of the Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery.

He will be attending the auction at Sheffield United’s stadium but won’t be bidding and is not convinced it will sell, because of its state of disrepair and a condition that the buyer will also have to repair the adjacent stone entrance archway, which is currently propped up by scaffolding because it is leaning over.

Mr Bell thinks it is more suitable for a small business than as a home.

But he said: “As long as it goes to a person or organisation who is prepared to do what is necessary and will be compatible with the surroundings then it has to be good for the cemetery.”

The lodge was still occupied by a cemetery supervisor until about 1990 but went into rapid decline afterwards.

“I would imagine a six-figure sum could be required to make it habitable and it’s a possibility that it will not sell, although various people have been to look at it,” he added.

A temporary roof put on by the council a few years ago arrested further deterioration of the stonework. The lodge contains a strongroom where a register of all burials there since 1856 used to be kept.

Hyde Park Cemetery still has a few burials each year, in existing family plots, but there will be no new graves.