VIDEO: Health chief gives top tips for staying safe in the sun

Director of Public Health, Dr Rupert Suckling, has urged people to ‘look after themselves and others’ today, the hottest day of the year.

“It’s going to be the hottest day of the year, probably for the last ten years,” he said.

Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health at Doncaster Council

Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health at Doncaster Council

“There’s two really simple messages, one is to look after yourself and the second is to look after others. Stay out of the sun, particularly in the hottest parts of the day, put sun cream on, wear loose fitting clothes and drink plenty, particularly water.

“Check on your neighbours if you’ve not seen them and see how they are.

“The main risks in this heat are around becoming dehydrated and the consequences of that.”

The advice has also been echoed by doctors at Doncaster and Bassetlaw hospitals

Dr Tim Noble, Emergency Care Group Director, said: “High temperature can be dangerous, especially for people who may be particularly vulnerable such as older people, young children and those with serious illnesses. We are asking people to stay safe during the heatwave and also look out for vulnerable relatives and neighbours who might also be affected by the hot temperatures to help prevent a hospital stay.”

People who are at the most risk during a heatwave are older people especially women over 75 years old, or those living on their own who are socially isolated.

Chronic and severe illness including heart conditions, diabetes, respiratory or renal conditions are other factors that make people vulnerable to high temperatures. Other groups of people who are not able to adapt quickly to the change in temperature are those with Alzheimer’s, a disability, babies and the very young.

Fit and healthy people can also be affected and are being advised to stay avoid extreme physical exercise.

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