Treatment closer to home for breast cancer patients


Breast cancer patients can now receive treatment closer to home thanks to a £70,000 investment at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust.

A new imaging system has been installed in the operating theatres at Scunthorpe hospital to allow surgeons to x-ray breast tissue during the operation.

The faxitron machine, which was purchased out of the Trust’s charitable funds, enables the surgeon to test the specimen during the procedure to make sure that all of the cancerous cells have been removed. Some cancers are too small to be felt, but show up on x-ray.

Previously these patients who would have had to travel to Grimsby for their operation but can now be treated at their local hospital.

Mr Vijh, consultant breast surgeon, said: “We are grateful for the many kind donations over the years made by patients and members of the public that have made it possible for us to purchase this imaging equipment.

“Benefits to patients include less travel and prevention of unnecessary readmissions as it ensures that the cancer has been completed removed.”