Sheffield experts’ advice on winter bug


Residents in South Yorkshire are being urged to take preventative steps to help avoid the winter vomiting bug.

Health experts say people can stop the spread of highly contagious norovirus with a few simple actions.

Dr David Black, medical director from NHS England, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, said: “Norovirus, although not very pleasant, is not usually dangerous and most people make a full recovery within a couple of days without having to see their GP.

“If a child, or baby, gets norovirus it is very important to make sure they drink plenty of fluids in order to prevent them from becoming dehydrated. “Antibiotics have no effect on norovirus.

“Sometimes it may be necessary to seek medical advice.”

People are advised to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly, paticularly after using the toilet and eating food.

They should not share towels or flannels, and should wash fruit and vegetables that will be eaten raw.

If they do get sickness and diarrhoea people should stay away from public places - including schools and hospitals for 48 hours.

Washing contaminated clothing or bedding on a hot wash will help to kill the virus.