SCANNER speeds up treatment

A HIGH-tech scanner funded by Westfield Health is ensuring osteoporosis patients in Barnsley receive a quick diagnosis.

The £29,975 Prodigy Advance Compact DXA scanner is currently being used by an osteoporosis team and staff who specialise in treating falls at Mount Vernon Hospital – part of the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The new equipment enables the teams to diagnose spinal fractures and monitor existing breaks, allowing clinical staff to identify the best treatment for the patient.

By recognising fractures at an early stage, patients are less likely to need a further x-ray appointment, which reduces exposure to radiation and the anxiety that follow-up appointments may cause.

James Townsend, of the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Community Management Team, said: “The new scanner has been in place since December and already staff have noticed a significant improvement in the service they offer.

“Thanks to this donation from Westfield Health, the hospital is able to offer a speedy diagnosis and the best possible treatment to patients in Barnsley using the latest technology available.”