MP urges people to take diabetes test

John Healey MP being tested for diabetes.
John Healey MP being tested for diabetes.

WENTWORTH and Dearne MP John Healey had a diabetes test and met healthcare professionals and volunteers at an awareness-raising event in Parliament.

The event was organised by the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) and healthcare companies Bayer and Novo Nordisk.

Mr Healey said: “Diabetes is a growing health problem both in the UK and around the World, but if detected early it can be actively managed to help mitigate the serious consequences of the disease.

“I would encourage anyone who is concerned about diabetes to speak to their GP about having a blood glucose test, as I did.”

Around 2.9m UK citizens have diabetes, but it is estimated a further 850,000 people may be living with it without realising it.

Sir Michael Hirst, President-Elect of the IDF, said: “We welcome the support of John Healey in raising awareness of diabetes through our parliamentary event. We hope it helps create further awareness in the UK of the condition.”