Landlord laden with Christmas gifts for poorly Doncaster children


Christmas came early on the children’s ward at Doncaster Royal Infirmary thanks to the kindness of the Harlington Inn near Barnburgh.

Pub Landlord Christopher Roope and his customers’ spirits were not dampened too long by not being able to hold their annual firework display on bonfire night due to health and safety reasons. Instead they decided to use the money they would have spent on fireworks, to bring some Christmas cheer to poorly children.

The cash was used to buy portable DVD players, toys, and lots of seasonal themed DVDs.

Maxine Deakin, hospital’s play and activity leader, said: “Thank you to the Harlington Inn and its customers for thinking of us at Christmas. These toys are an excellent way of distracting children who have just had an operation or are distressed. They also help to speed the recovery process and give the children something else to focus on.”