Isle residents urged to walk their to health this new year

Normanby Hall
Normanby Hall

Do you ever feel it would be nice to get out and about more often? Make it your New Year’s resolution to get out in the fresh air more and be active. You can achieve this with the Walking the Way to Health walks across North Lincolnshire.

Many people wish they did more exercise, but it can be easy to find excuses for not actually doing more exercise. Start 2016 off right and look after your health.

If you find it difficult to get active why not start walking? You don’t need special equipment and it counts toward your recommended amount of physical activity.

Walking can improve your health, your happiness and if you join one of the Walking the Way to Health walks in North Lincolnshire it will give you the chance to explore the outdoors, get to know your local area and meet new people.

An ideal starting walk is the Normanby Hall Country Park walk which is held every Friday starting from the car park at 10.30am; a free parking pass is provided for the duration of the walk.

Walking isn’t just about keeping your body and mind healthy, it can be great for your social life too. Walking as part of a group is a good way to start and keep going. You will make friends, encourage each other, develop a network of supportive fellow walkers and discover new walks in and around North Lincolnshire.

If you have problems with your health and find it is hard to stay active, walking can make all the difference. It’s a low impact exercise so it is easy to get involved, even if you are not feeling your best.

Joining one of the led walks with a trained walk leader could help you feel more confident about taking those first steps to a more active lifestyle. There are a variety of walks as part of the Walking the way to Health programme, including different length walks from one mile, three miles and progression walks of five miles.

Councillor Carl Sherwood cabinet member for Customer Services, Sport and Leisure said: “Joining the Walking the Way to Health scheme is a great way to start off your new year if you are looking to become fitter and healthier. Everyone is welcome to join any of the walks which are always relaxing and friendly. It’s a fun way to keep fit and is beneficial to your health.”

Take a look at the Walking the Way to Health programme of led walks and get started today, visit: Click here

All the walks are led by fully trained volunteer walk leaders.

For more information contact Christine Johnson, Health walk Coordinator on 01724 297631 or email to discuss your requirements.