Helping pioneer new services

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A Doncaster based health trust together with a local community group feature in a national health report after pioneering new ways to deliver services to residents.

The report shows how Foundation Trusts, NHS Trusts and voluntary sector organisations have pioneered new services for people that enhance the quality of care and improve their experience of local services.

The report describes how RDaSH and the PFG have been working together to provide informal support to people in the local community to build community resilience. The Trust has provided some funding to help with the running costs of a Wellness Centre in Intake which is operated by PFG Doncaster.

Kelly Hicks, on behalf of PFG Doncaster, and Ian Jerams, Transformation Director, at RDaSH, attended the launch event in the House of Commons.

Chris Hopson, Chief Executive of the Foundation Trust Network said, “We have shown that real benefits for patients and the NHS come from combining and harnessing the expertise and knowledge of the public and voluntary sector providers. These partnerships are being formed up and down the country providing local designed services that respond to local communities’ needs.”

Ian Jerams said: “The partnership work between ourselves and the PFG has helped to enhance the services we deliver to Doncaster residents. We look forward to continuing strengthening our partnership working with the PFG.”

Kelly Hicks added: “Over the past three years the PFG has worked closely with RDaSH to improve community support. We are delighted to be working innovatively together and are looking forward to co-producing more inspiring projects to support our community’s well-being.”