Get your health heroes nominations in now!

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There is still plenty of time to nominate your unsung heroes.

We have teamed up with health chiefs to support the Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Doncaster Free Press Health Awards. It’s simple - just read the categories and nominate anyone working for Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The deadline is August 4.

Winners will be revealed on September 19 at Doncaster Racecourse. The categories are: Team of The Year - A team that has shown consistently good outcomes over the last few years for patients, relatives and carers, with well engaged and supported staff.

Unsung heroes - People who support the delivery of frontline care - such as admin/clerical staff, service assistants (porters/domestics), estates, laboratory workers, the corporate services and so on.

Volunteer of The Year - The most committed, dedicated and involved volunteer.

The David Eve’s Award For The Most Caring Nurse, the David Eve’s Award for The Most Caring Person (non-nursing), and the Ellie Eve’s Award for Cancer Aftercare - For all three, we want someone who: shows kindness and compassion and makes a positive impact on patient care; initiated a change in practice in response to patient needs; made a significant contribution to enhancing the patient pathway or carer experience; shared good practice or learning; has been recognised for their significant contribution to patient care.

Nominate at: including DBH Stars Awards in the subject. Alternatively by post to DBH Stars Awards, Doncaster Free Press, DN1 1NB.

There is also an entry form on page 50 of this week’s Doncaster Free Press.