Get checked for STIs

PEOPLE in Thorne and district are being urged to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Those who have had unprotected sex during the festive period, are being urged to get tested for STIs this Friday as part of STIQ day.

It can take two weeks for most STIs, including chlamydia, to be detected, so NHS Doncaster suggest that STIQ day is the time that anyone who has had unprotected sex over the festive period should have a free test.

STIQ is a national awareness day when people are asked to think about their sexual health and encouraged to get regular sexual health checks.

Christina Harrison, clinical manager of contraception and sexual health service, said: “Each year the infection rate for STIs is rising rapidly, regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation. Fourteen days after the festive period is an ideal time to raise awareness of this serious sexual health issue”.

To arrange a confidential free test or to receive advice call 01302 553111 or Doncaster contraception and sexual health services on 01302 640040.