Epworth surgery warning over fake cancer email

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Patients at Epworth’s South Axholme Doctors’ Practice have been left reeling after receiving fake emails claiming they had cancer.

The High Street facility said that a number of people had received the bogus message, one was so convinced it was genuine that they had blood tests carried out.

A spokesman at the surgery said: “We had a message from the IT department warning us about this fake email which is being sent out telling patients that they think they have got cancer.

“We want to tell patients that we would never contact them in this way about such a serious matter.

“Our patients have understandably found the whole thing quite upsetting.

“The email itself doesn’t look particularly official but it doesn’t stop people from worrying. One patient had blood tests done.

“These emails aren’t asking for money, they are just purely malicious.”

A Humberside Police spokesman said: “If anyone has any concerns about malicious emails it is important that they do not reply to the email as it could be a scam.

“If you receive an email such as this our advice would be to make sure it isn’t from your health trust, and if it isn’t, chances are it is a hoax or a scam and, although distressing it should be ignored.”