Doncaster residents urged to find out more about town’s pharmacy services

stock pic of pharmacy to go with bank holiday opening times
stock pic of pharmacy to go with bank holiday opening times

People in Doncaster are being encouraged to find out more about an important part of the borough’s health services.

The Doncaster Health and Wellbeing Board has approved a new Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) which will be instrumental in informing the planning and managing of pharmacies across the borough.

It is an assessment of the current provision of pharmaceutical services across Doncaster and if they meet the needs of the current and future population.

The PNA will aim to identify local health priorities and future trends and developments which may impact on the health of people in the borough.

Councillor Tony Corden, vice chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board and cabinet member said: “It is great that people took the time to have their say on this important document that will inform the future planning of local services.

Coun Corden continued: “Pharmacies are very important to our communities and offer many valuable services.The PNA states that generally pharmacy provision is accessible and ‘on the whole the pharmacy provision in Doncaster is of a good standard but there are inevitably some gaps and areas for future development.’”

It can be viewed online, in the Health and Wellbeing Board section of Doncaster Council’s website.

Consultation on the document included a public survey and a survey of pharmacies.

Points raised during the consultation were carefully considered and some led to changes in the document.

Areas for consideration include awareness around opening times, particularly evenings and weekends.

The NHS will use the PNA to look at how best to buy the services people in Doncaster need from their pharmacies.

It will also help the NHS to see if there are any gaps in services and look at future plans. Across the borough there are currently 79 community pharmacies, 65 of which are open 40 hours a week, 12 of which are open 100 hours a week and two long distance providers.

Since the last time a PNA was carried out in 2011 there has been an increase from 73 to 79 community pharmacies across Doncaster, and the number of 100 hour pharmacies has increased from eight to 12.