Doncaster mum pays tribute to suicide father

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A Doncaster mum has paid tribute to her former partner – a ‘great dad’ who took his own life after years of struggling.

Doncaster Coroners Court heard how Jon Richardson, aged 40, of Nether Hall Road, committed suicide last month by slitting his wrists.

Medics believed Mr Richardson suffered from bouts of depression, although the condition is not something he ever received treatment for.

Speaking after the inquest his former partner, Elizabeth Adams, said Mr Richardson ‘had his issues’ but was trying his best to be a good dad to their daughter, Madison, and her two children from a previous relationship.

She said: “He was a really loving person. He was trying his absolute best to be a family man. He was my best friend, and had a really great sense of humour.”

Ms Adams told Doncaster Coroner’s Court that Mr Richardson’s life took a bad turn when he was just six, due to his younger sister dying of leukaemia.

His parents’ marriage broke down, and his mother began a relationship with a new partner who was physically abusive towards them both.

Mr Richardson ended up in care some years later, which Ms Adams says he found difficult, and as a result he began committing petty crimes and getting into trouble with police from the age of 15.

From that point on he spent several years in prison for crimes including burglary and assault, with his most recent stint in custody ending in January this year.

The court also heard Mr Richardson was a drug user from the age of 13, and had battled problems with drugs for many years.

He began to turn his life around when he started a relationship with Ms Adams, after being released from prison in 2002.

But the suicide of his mother in 2005 had a ‘massive impact’ him, and he began using drugs and committing crimes again.

Ms Adams said his last stint in jail ‘institutionalised him’ and contributed towards the end of their relationship in March. He moved out of the family home to a flat in Nether Hall Road, where he committed suicide last month.

His body was found by a neighbour on July 13. Police believe he had been dead for a number of days.

Assistant Coroner Fred Curtis said Mr Richardson’s death was ‘one of the saddest’ he had ever come across.