Doncaster CCG wants your views on care homes

New Year pharmacy times.
New Year pharmacy times.

NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) want local people’s views on care homes in the town.

Studies show that the majority of people during their lifetime will either have a short stay in a care home, or have a close friend or relative that will spend time in residential care. Therefore understanding people’s needs and expectations is crucial for future services.

Currently, the CCG is working with nursing and care homes to understand the needs of residents and staff to aid in the development of work that will help support homes to deliver the best quality care.

As part of this wider work, the CCG wants to hear people’s experiences to understand how it can better support care homes and also understand what local people expect from homes in the future when they, or a loved one, may become resident.

Perceptions of care homes can be negative, with many people seeing them as a loss of independence. The CCG ran a survey a few months ago asking locals if they would prefer to live at home with support when elderly, rather than going into residential care; the results were overwhelming with over 95% of respondents answering ‘yes’.

But with people living longer, the NHS expects health issues to become more complex and come with greater needs. Living in care may not be an option for some people, and this is why the CCG wants to understand how it can make this service the best it can be for the individual.

Whether this is an emphasis on personalized care, a greater degree of independence or understanding the diverse and complex needs of residents within a care home setting, all feedback is welcome.

The survey is just three questions and will directly impact on how future care home services and support will be commissioned.

Take the survey here: Click to take part