Children’s health service set to be transformed

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Plans are in place to treat more poorly children near their homes rather than in hospital.

A meeting of Doncaster health workers and community organisations took place on Tuesday focusing on helping children with ongoing medical needs.

A spokesman for Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: “Too many children in Doncaster with on-going health needs have appointments at hospital when they could be seen in places closer to home.

“Our objective is to provide more paediatric care in Doncaster’s communities - care that is currently only provided in hospital settings.”

It is expected that once plans come into place waiting times for children’s services, like autism, will reduce significantly.

Plans are currently in the consultation period and is expected that changes should start to be phased in by the summer.

Schools in the region for children with special needs are also being consulted. The issue is also set to be discussed at the (CCG) meeting today.