Cancer care budget hacked back in Barnsley and Dearne

A stethoscope.
A stethoscope.

WORRYING figures that show the cancer network for people in Barnsley and the Dearne has been cut by 38 percent since 2009 have been highlighted by an MP.

A published survey for the whole of England has revealed slashed budgets for cancer networks around Barnsley.
New figures show that the local cancer network for people in Barnsley has seen its budget cut by 38 percent since 2009. 
Across England, cancer network budgets have been cut on average by over a quarter since 2009, and their staff by a fifth in the same period.
Michael Dugher MP said: “Over the last 10 years, we have seen fantastic improvements in the treatment of cancer patients, and the work of local cancer networks has been key to this achievement. Yet despite assurances from the Government, we can see that funding for Yorkshire Cancer Network has fallen by 38 percent since 2009.” 
He continued: “Doctors, nurses and other experts brought together by cancer and cardiac networks are crucial to improving patient care for Britain’s biggest killers. The Government should be working to support these local specialists. Instead, it is spending two and a half years and billions of pounds on a back-office NHS reorganisation. This is throwing the networks into chaos and putting the future improvements patients need at risk.”
Cancer networks are teams of doctors, nurses and other specialists who help GPs, hospitals and community services deliver the best outcomes for patients. They have played a crucial role in achieving significant improvements in mortality and survival rates, and the quality of care for cancer patients over the past decade.