Burn off those mince pies and get a new body!

Sue Taylor, of Epworth, holds a weight loss class in the Isle.  Picture: Marie Caley E4067MC
Sue Taylor, of Epworth, holds a weight loss class in the Isle. Picture: Marie Caley E4067MC

Feeling stuffed after all of the turkey, mince pies and mulled wine? Then why not make a New Year’s resolution to get back in shape.

Weight loss expert Sue Taylor gives our reporter Lee Peace some top tips on how to burn off the pounds.............

Reducing your bulging waistline after a festive binge is something of a challenge for anyone, no matter what body shape you have.

But fear not, help is at hand.

Super fit mum-of-two Sue Taylor is encouraging Isle residents to join her for a post Christmas detox and fitness boot camp.

The 46-year-old, of King Oswald Road, Epworth, has spent the last few years helping people shed the pounds at her Isle Lose It fitness camps.

She explained the key to gaining a new figure is simple - eat healthy, exercise more and have the mental toughness to see it through.

“New Year’s resolutions are a complete waste of time. We make them on January 1 only to have broken them by January 15.

“They all sound great, but a resolution is based on what you think you should be doing rather than what you really want to be doing.

“Forget about what you or other people think you ought to be doing and look at what you really want.

“It may be that you really want a healthier body, a leaner body, to have more energy than you have ever had, to know how to exercise properly for the best results or to feel happier.”

She advises that simple diet changes can help to make all the difference.

“The best diet is a clean diet. And by that I mean eating natural foods and cutting out anything which has been overly processed.

“You essentially go back to a caveman diet so eat anything that flies and grows in the ground.

“Cut out alcohol, wheat and gluten and sugary foods.

“Instead have plenty of fresh vegetables, chicken, turkey, green salads and protein foods.

“We also encourage people to drink a lot of water because the body craves this to clean out the system of all the toxins built up over Christmas.”

However, there are no short cuts. And the requirement of regular physical exercise cannot be ignored.

Sue’s 28 day fitness programme involves three 45 minute sessions per week, incorporating a range of exercises.

That’s 12 sessions over 28 days, all of which are done outdoors, weather permitting.

Sue said: “We do all kinds of exercises including press ups, sit ups, squat thrusts and high knees.

“We use a wide range of equipment aswell including tyres and ladders so we try and make it fun.

“The sessions may sound daunting, but they are really tailored for the persons individual needs.

“For example I will say see how many press ups you can do in 30 seconds, some may do only a few some may do 20.

“It’s all about self improvement.”

It costs £99 to join the fitness camp, but there is a two for one deal for new members.

Sessions are held close to the Epworth War Memorial site on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Sessions are held three times a day: 6.15am, 9.30am and 6.30pm.

For more information or to sign up to the fitness programme visit Isle Lose It or contact Sue on 01427 874088.