"He couldn't start it, I had to help him:" Non-Labour voter's upset over Ed Miliband Doncaster lawn mowing PR stunt

Ed Miliband cuts a lawn. (Photo: Jane Nightingale).
Ed Miliband cuts a lawn. (Photo: Jane Nightingale).

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband was unable to start a lawnmower in a picture of him cutting a Doncaster voter's lawn - in a photo which has been blasted as a PR stunt by the upset constituent.

The photo was billed as the Doncaster North MP's "grass-roots strategy in action" when he was pictured pushing a Flymo across a voter's lawn in Arksey last week.

But now the woman whose lawn he tackled as said that Mr Miliband didn't know how to start the lawnmower - and that the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

To add to the embarrassment, the angry woman said she was not a Labour voter but if it had been his brother, David, it would have been ‘absolutely fine’.

The story behind the picture emerged after he owner of the lawnmower was asked by the Sunday Times if she would pose with the machine.

However the woman said she had to help Mr Miliband start the machine and that she had originally believed he was a Jehovah’s Witness.

She said she was ‘angry’ to have been used to boost Labour’s campaign on social media.

The woman, who was not named, she let Mr Miliband use the lawnmower but that ‘he couldn’t start the machine, I had to help him’.

The constituent, who worked as a PA for the actress Uma Thurman for six years, told the newspaper the whole thing was a ‘set-up’ by his PR team.

She said: ’It was rubbish. I’m not even a Labour supporter. If it had been David Miliband it would have been absolutely fine.’

It is not the first time that Mr Miliband has been ridiculed as he has tried to win votes.

A picture of Ed Miliband scoffing a bacon sandwich defined Labour’s 2015 election campaign.