Have your say on Doncaster planning decisions

Mayor Ros Jones and Cllr Joe Blackham with new street sweepers
Mayor Ros Jones and Cllr Joe Blackham with new street sweepers

Residents are being encouraged to have their say on key future planning decisions in Doncaster as part of a public consultation process.

The consultation, that started yesterday, on Doncaster’s new ‘Local Plan’ will help decide what is developed and where in Doncaster over the next 20 years.

From new housing developments to transport schemes, residents can voice their opinions as part of the process.

Residents, businesses and organisations are being asked to give their input on two key planning documents that will help shape where growth in the borough should be directed.

The Local Plan will guide new development and business investment in Doncaster and help to make decisions on where new homes are built, where business developments can take place, what new transport schemes are needed and which parts of the borough are protected as open space and countryside.

Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transportation, Councillor Joe Blackham , said: “It’s really important that local people give us their views on the Local Plan, as it will be central to our planning and development approach in the coming years.

“It will shape the future of Doncaster, determining what land can be used for across the borough.

“I urge everyone to visit our website and give us their feedback before September 7. This is your chance to have your say on what is important for the town.”

The Doncaster Local Plan: Vision, Aims and Objectives document sets out what Doncaster could be like in the future.

The Issues and Options document sets out questions on key issues that need to be planned for and taken into account in the Local Plan.

It also includes three broad options, with explanations, for the location of new growth within the plan.

The Local Plan consultation will run until 5pm on Monday September 7.

To give your views, and to read the consultation documents on the Local Plan, please visit www.doncaster.gov.uk/ldf