Hatfield residents’ group seeks judicial review of travellers’ development

Roger Tuby
Roger Tuby

A residents’ group which objects to the travelling showpeople development on the quarry of Mosscroft Lane, Hatfield, has begun the process of seeking a judicial review.

Paperwork was handed in at court in Leeds last Thursday to get the ball rolling and copies have been sent to Doncaster Council and applicant Roger Tuby.

The group is seeking a judicial review against a decision by Doncaster Council’s planning committee to approve the plans, which are for the addition of 18 pitches for use by travelling showpeople, a new access road on Mosscroft Lane and a ‘Package Treatment Plant’ for sewage.

Campaigner Ginny Baines said: “We have to have someone independent look at it - that’s why it’s going to judicial review.

“The ideal outcome for us would be that the quarry is returned to its natural state - as per the original plans.”

Some 951 objections were received by Doncaster Council during the planning process.