Harry the dog is back at his Isle home after being missing for eight days


A shaggy dog story with a happy ending has brought joy to Isle animal lovers.

When 11-month-old Harry the rescue collie cross escaped from his North Street home in Owston Ferry and was hit by a car last month, residents took to social media to spread the word in the hope of catching him.

After eight days on the loose he was finally captured and reunited with his owner last week.

She explained how the incident came about: “I was putting him into the car when his lead slipped out of my hand, he ran into the road on North Street and got hit by a car he then got up and bolted.

“He didn’t appear badly injured rather he was dragged by his lead by the car.”

This week, Anita Marsh, who writes the Bells equine column, said: “Everyone in the village is thrilled he was found and caught.

“Lots of us had seen him but were unable to get close.

“It really is a happy ending for Harry.”