Guy Martin to host TV show on Doncaster’s Vulcan bomber

Guy Martin with the Vulcan bomber.
Guy Martin with the Vulcan bomber.

Motorbike ace and TV presenter Guy Martin is set to discover transport of a different kind with a documentary about Doncaster’s Vulcan bomber.

The show follows on from the star’s Spitfire programme and Guy Martin’s Last Flight of the Vulcan Bomber will air on November 29 on Channel 4 at 7.30pm.

The last airworthy Vulcan bomber, XH558, which is based at Robin Hood Airport, flew for the final time to great fanfare in October.

The iconic plane played a pivotal role in protecting UK interests in the post-World War II era as the first nuclear deterrent, and was also responsible for the longest raid in British military history when it successfully attacked the Falkland Islands.

Guy was given unprecedented access to the aircraft, helping a select group of engineers prepare it for an ambitious farewell tour around of Britain.

He also got the rare chance to fly alongside the plane in formation, as well as taking the controls to try and “wheelie” the 70 tonne aircraft along a runway.

The 90 minute documentary is the definitive story of the Vulcan Bomber, featuring expert contributions from Vulcan pilots and crew who were faced with the awesome responsibility of dropping nuclear bombs.