Group open to Epworth Leisure Centre takeover

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A community group is to consider taking over the management of Epworth Leisure Centre as part of a plan by North Lincolnshire Council.

The authority, which currently manages the centre, is proposing to offer community groups the chance to run it as part of a cost saving plan.

A member of the committee which runs the swimming pool at the side of the centre said members would look into the possibility of a takeover.

Sandtoft man Don Smith MBE, 72, chairman of the South Axholme Swimming Pool Association, said: “We run a swimming pool at the side of the leisure centre and that has been successfully going for more than 15 years.

“When we first took over people said we would have no chance and would have to hand it back to the council within a year, so it just shows that community-led initiatives are a good thing.

“I will see what the council has come out with and its something that the association will have to consider.

“We should really set up a meeting to discuss it further.

“The group could end up running the leisure centre further down the line. We would look at getting as much use out of it as possible.”

The venue features in a list of eight sports centres which North Lincolnshire Council would consider approaches from community groups to run.

Ownership of the centres would remain with the council though and it is believed the move could save the authority £291,000 per year.

As part of the plan the authority would consider any approaches from groups who would like to run the eight sites listed.