Grieving Rotherham parents organise Bond-themed ball for bereavement charity

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A grieving South Yorkshire family is rallying round to raise funds in memory of their daughter who died after being born prematurely.

Rebekah and Simon Davies, of Brampton Bierlow, are organising a charity ball for later this year to collect in cash for 4Louis.

Rebekah explained: “In late October 2013, our world was turned upside down as we were faced with something no parent should have to endure. I suffered an incompetent cervix and I was taken by a couple of ‘knowing’ midwives that led us to the room where other families had endured the horror of our situation. I delivered in the middle of labour ward in a room that had breastfeeding posters and ‘what your baby will sound like’ facing the end of my bed.

“We lost our much longed for baby, a daughter, later that night. Tulip arrived too early after spontaneous labour at 23+6 weeks at the Jessop Wing in Sheffield. She was beautiful but so tiny and couldn’t survive.”

After this devastation the family was introduced to the charity 4Louis, which provides bereaved parents with memory boxes, free of charge, who suffer a stillbirth or neonatal death, and it is for this cause the next Tulip Ball will be held.

The event takes place on October 28, which would have been the weekend of Tulip’s fourth birthday, at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

The ball has a Bond theme and there will be entertainment from an award-winning swing singer, plus more planned to raise awareness of 4Louis and its work.

Tickets are £35, available via