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A STUDENT will be studying in France after gaining two grade As and two Bs at A level.

Kirstie Oldknow, 18, from Middlebrook Lane, Thorne, received A grades in business studies and maths, and received a B in French and law at Trinity Academy. She has now gained a place at Lancaster University studying European Management.

Kirstie, who moved from Thorne Grammar School in year 10, said: "I needed these grades to get into the university but I didn't think I'd do this well.

"The exams are a lot harder than you think they are going to be. There's a lot of revision needed for each subject."

The course, which combines business and French, includes two years studying in France, with Kirstie looking forward to the challenge.

She said: "My course is four years and I spend two of the years in France so that will be different and exciting, so it should be great."

"The course that I'm doing I haven't seen anywhere else and I thought it was something different. I also just loved the university when I went to visit."

Having earned 3 A*s, 5 A's, a B and C at GCSE Kirstie has had an interest in French early on, and took a GCSE in business studies.

Unsure about what she wants to do after the course, she is hoping to find a career while at university.

Academy Principal Ian Brew: "Each year we are seeing more students from Thorne and Moorends heading off to university and looking forward to an exciting and rewarding future.

"This increase represents a dramatic shift in the aspirations of local young people and an improvement in their attainment as Trinity supports them in achieving their new goals."

Head of Sixth Form Trevor Shay, who has taught in Thorne for more than 30 years, added: "On the basis of their A level grades, 17 of the students are going to 'Russell Group' universities, widely recognised as the top 20 universities in the country.

"That so many of our students have managed to secure places at these prestigious institutions once again shows the quality of the academic results being achieved by the students at Trinity Academy."

Hatfield Visual Arts College praised its students who it said produced a "fantastic" set of results at A level, improving on last year's average points score per student by 70 points.

Head of Sixth Form, Neil Cairns, said: "I am delighted for the students, their families and their teachers, who deserve this success after all the hard work they have put in this year.

"The results are particularly impressive for an institution that welcomes students of all backgrounds and abilities.

"Every student who had a conditional offer of a university place gained the necessary grades to be accepted onto their chosen course.

"It has been a pleasure to work with such a talented group of students; I wish them every success as they move on to higher education and employment."

Trinity A level results:

Arron Bailey 1, Louise Barwell 3, Peter Batchelor 3, Sophie Beggs 2, Alishia Bisby 3, Laura Brandon 3, Scott Brickley 2, Craig Brooks 3, Katie Brough 3, Lynsey Brown 2, Ruth Brown 4, Rebecca Bunce 3, James Bunce 3, Craig Campbell 2, Nicola Chambers 2, Jessica Clamp 3, Vicky Clark 3, Christopher Collins 3, Linda Dickens 3, Jade Elson 3, Zoe Flitcroft 2, Gemma Forshaw 3, Carlie George 2, Ashley Gerrard 2, Holly Gibbons 3, Amy Gilliland 3, Michael Goldsworthy 3, Laura Goodlad 2, Nathan Gold 3, Naomi Green 3, Benjamin Guilfoyle 3, Martin Handley 3, Stacey Hannant 3, Luke Hawson 3, Natasha Hayes 3, Craig Hedley 1, Kelly-Ann Hellewell 3, Aaron Hess 2, James Holder 3, Thomas Hughes 2, Adam Kendall 3, Leigh Kirsopp 3, Stephanie Lancaster 3, Zak Lewis 2, Jonathan Lugton 2, Laura Marks 2, Claire McClusky 3, Kathe McGuire 3, Amy McMillan 3, Danielle Meredith 2, Amy Milner 4, Sophie Moss 4, Kirstie Oldknow 4, Jamie-Leigh Perkins 2, James Pickersgill 3, Nathan Porter 1, Charlotte Raper 2, Harley Raw 3, Janine Redmile 2, Wendy Reynolds 3, Michael Richardson 1, Maria Richardson 3, Natalie Saul 2, Ben Smith 1, Cameron Smith 3, Jenna Spink 2, Andrew Street 3, Tanya Sullivan 3, James Taylor 3, Stephanie Temple 2, Adam Walker 3, Alyssah Watkins 4, Daniel Wood 3.

Hatfield Visual Arts A Level:

Sophie Abeysekera 3, Nicholas Alder 2, Richard Baker 2, Nathan Beal 3, James Blackshaw 1, Antony Calvert 2, Nathan Craven 1, Ryan Garcia 1, Catherine Goddard 2, Jade Gostling 2, Natasha Halpin 2, Steven Holland 3, Callum Holt 3, Dale Jerrum 2, James Lansdell 1, Gemma Milnthorp 1, Elizabeth Parnaby 1, Lauren Parr 3, Karla Revell 3, Amy Robinson 2, Emma Rushton 2, Calum Slack 3, Lewis Stockton 1, Valentina Tortora 2, Gareth Trewick 2, Daniel White 1, Laura Williams 1, Jason Willmott 1.

Hatfield Visual Arts AS Level

Sophie Abeysekera 1, Richard Baker 2, Nathan Beal 1, Antony Calvert 1, Nathan Craven 1, Catherine Goddard 2, Jade Gostling 1, Natasha Halpin 1, Steven Holland 2, Callum 2, James Lansdell 1, Elizabeth Parnaby 1, Lauren Parr 2, Shaun Riggett 1, Amy Robinson 2, Emma Rushton 3, Calum Slack 2, Lewis Stockton 1, Valentina Tortora 1, Gareth Trewick 2, Laura Williams 2, Jason Willmott 2.

Hatfield Visual Arts BTEC:

Nicholas Alder, James Blackshaw, Nathan Craven 1, Ryan Garcia 1, Shaun Riggett 1, Jason Willmott 1.