Girlfriend’s jail term cut

Candice Ball jailed for smuggling drugs into Lindholme Prison
Candice Ball jailed for smuggling drugs into Lindholme Prison

A Sheffield woman involved in a plot to smuggle drugs into a prison for her boyfriend has had her sentence cut.

Candice Ball, aged 26, is the long-term partner of 27-year-old Faine Bayliss, who was involved in smuggling drugs into Lindholme Prison, near Doncaster, inside greetings cards.

Bayliss, who was serving a two-and-a-half year jail term at the time for crashing a stolen motorbike which left a friend dead in 2009, orchestrated the plot from his cell.

In addition to recruiting Ball to help, he also roped in his mum Norma Bayliss, aged 46, and brother Kyle.

They sent seven ‘greetings cards’ to various inmates, whose names Bayliss provided.

When suspicions were aroused, phone calls made by Faine were monitored by the authorities – and he was heard making arrangements with his mum and girlfriend.

One of the cards was found to contain cannabis and the others Subutex, which is issued to addicts to wean them off drugs.

Ball admitted being concerned in the supply of cannabis and Subutex and was jailed for 16 months at Sheffield Crown Court

Judge Robert Moore, who jailed her, said: “People who run drugs into prisons will face immediate custody.”

But Ball, of Limpsfield Road, Wincobank, appealed against the length of her sentence and had it cut to 10 months.

Judge Melbourne Inman QC said there was no evidence to justify giving her a sentence longer than the 10 months received by Norma Bayliss.

But the judge, sitting with Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Mackay, rejected Norma Bayliss’ appeal and one by Faine Bayliss against his 30-month term.

The court heard Faine Basyliss had begged his family to smuggle drugs into prison when his withdrawal medication was stopped.

Lawyers for the trio argued their sentences were too tough.

They said Ball and Norma Bayliss each had children to look after and were at risk of losing their homes if locked up for an extended period.

Rejecting Faine Bayliss’ appeal, Judge Inman said his offending was ‘made worse’ because he got members of his family involved.