Get ready for summer floods!

Flooding in Church View, Darfield.
Flooding in Church View, Darfield.

PREPARE for floods now, Barnsley Council is warning, as rain continues to blight the British summer.

The Council has issued a reminder to residents who may be affected by heavy rainfall and flooding across the Dearne, to protect their property and belongings - as the authorities may not be able to help!

A Barnsley spokeswoman said: “The onus is on the resident to prepare; it is only where there is an imminent risk of flooding that the council’s emergency response teams can act, such as providing sand bags.

“Even in this situation the council’s resources are limited and the response teams will prioritise attendance to the most needy location, therefore residents must appreciate it may be several hours before there is any response to what starts off as a non-urgent issue.”

Where sandbags are provided, they are for living quarters only and do not include garages, sheds, greenhouses or gardens that would all remain vulnerable to flood damage.

Flood resilience plans are vital, not only where there is a risk of a river bursting its banks but also from flash flooding where drainage systems can get overwhelmed, continued the spokeswoman.

To prepare in advance of an incident caused by adverse weather, Barnsley Council’s advice is to:

Visit a builders’ merchants which stocks traditional sandbags

Check out products available from The National Flood Forum’s blue pages, which lists various flood defence products:

Check out the flood advice on the councils website:

Report highway drainage problems on 01226 773555

Report sewerage problems to Yorkshire Water on 0845 1242424

In areas of known river flooding there are flood wardens and flood stores officers will direct you to your flood warden on 01226 773555 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

Get information from the Environment Agency’s floodline on 0845 988 1188.

Coun Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson, Development, Environment and Culture (Operations) said: “I ask residents not to put sole reliance on the council in times of adverse weather and to make their own preparations to protect their homes and contents. The results of flood damage can be devastating.”