Funeral goes ahead despite the power cut

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NEWS: News.

CANDLES were the only form of light and heat for a funeral in ancient Haxey Parish Church, known as the ‘Cathedral of the Isle’ on Thursday.

The Rev Jeremy Green of St Nicholas’ Parish Church, Haxey, paid tribute to those who attended the funeral of 78-year old former church warden John Frederick Allison, of Upperthorpe Road, Westwoodside, despite the power cut.

Mr Green said: “Mr Allison was a pillar of the church for a number of years, and was an interesting person - a former pattern-making engineer who had made precision patterns ranging from motorway bridges to hovercraft blades.

“His widow Margaret took over his role as church warden and although Thursday was difficult, people stayed positive and the day was not a disaster. It was very cold but everyone wrapped up and we lit candles, so the service went ahead as planned.

Unfortunately our cathedral-standard organist Nick Haines was unable to play a fine French piece of music, Sortie, that had been requested by Mrs Allison. We had to rely on a small battery-operated device that gave a bit of a note for the choir to lead on.” Mrs Allison said the power cut failure on the day of her husband’s funeral was “unfortunately a one in a million chance.”

She added: “It was so very, very cold which was sad for people who came, and of course we had no heating, light, a microphone or the organ.

“Everything is reliant on electricity, but the service had to take place and Reverend Green made the best of it. But I’m sorry it happened. I was very disappointed.”

Along with his widow, who he married in 1963 at Haxey Church, Mr Allinson leaves two children and four grandchildren.

Mrs Allinson added: “He was involved with Haxey Church for all of the 50 years we were married - it’s been our whole life. All our family events have taken place there.”