Free stalls offer at Thorne Friday Market

Thorne and Moorends Council leader, Coun Martin Williams.
Thorne and Moorends Council leader, Coun Martin Williams.

A town desperate to reverse the failing fortunes of its Friday market is offering a free pitch to any stallholder in the hope that it can attract new blood.

In a bid to halt the decline of Thorne’s weekly Friday market, Thorne and Moorends Council will offer a free pitch for a six-week period over the school summer holidays.

Town clerk, Jeremy Sherlock, said: “Thorne is a traditional market town which remains popular with shoppers. As there are currently stalls available in the market the council has agreed to a promotional period which will give new stall holders an opportunity to test the market. The attraction of new stall holders will also help boost the town centre.

“The offer is also available to previous stallholders as a thanks for their support.”

Council leader, Coun Martin Williams, acknowledged the market had gone downhill and he felt the offer of a free stall over the summer period would give a much needed boost to the town’s economy.

He added: “We want people to come back to the market as numbers have declined. The trailer we have for putting up the stalls, that has been out of commission for some time, is now back and the council can once again put the stalls up. What we want is a full market.

“Markets across the country are in decline, but what we want to do is have something a little different such as craft stalls, in addition to the existing and traditional stalls.”

For additional information call the town clerk, Jeremy Sherlock, on 01405 818015 ( email.