Free health checks show success at Lakeside Village

Lakeside Village centre manager Cheryl Sadler.
Lakeside Village centre manager Cheryl Sadler.

MORE than 500 residents have been offered health checks a shopping outlet - with nearly 200 shoppers referred to their GPs afterwards.

The Quintile Nurse Team could be seen throughout last year at Lakeside Village helping shoppers evaluate their current health, identify any underlying problems and show them how to spot the early signs of illnesses.

Following the health checks, 78 people were referred to their GPs for blood pressure monitoring including a 40-year-old man who was seen at the centre and sent for an urgent follow-up.

A total of 102 people were referred with either a high cardiovascular disease (CVD) or high cholesterol risk and four people were diagnosed with diabetes. None of these individuals showed any symptoms prior to the health screening.

The nursing team has been asked to come back to the outlet to offer the same service this year and are offering free health checks throughout 2013.

To qualify for a free health check commissioned by NHS Doncaster, shoppers must be aged between 40-74, have a DN1-DN12 or S64 postcode and who are not already under the care of a GP for CVD.

Cheryl Sadler, centre manager, said: “The free health checks are so important and we are proud to offer residents such a beneficial and often life-altering service.”