Foster carers are heroes, Doncaster study finds

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

Sixty four percent of Doncaster residents think foster carers are heroes, a survey has revealed.

The full findings of the study, which was created as part of a Fostering Research Project pilot scheme, are due to be revealed tomorrow.

The survey, jointly led by the Doncaster Children’s Services Trust and other local fostering agencies, looked at public perceptions of fostering within the borough.

For the first time with a study of this kind, people who had never fostered were asked as well as current foster parents.

It is hoped the results of the survey, which was funded by the Department for Education, will encourage more people to foster.

Seven of the Doncaster’s fostering agencies are attending a conference tomorrow, (Tuesday March 10), to celebrate fostering.

Foster carers will also be invited to the event, at Holiday Inn, High Road, Warmsworth, where the full findings of the survey will be revealed.

Head of Service for children in care at the Trust, Ian Walker said: “The findings will be invaluable in helping us get the message across that fostering is open to all sorts of people, including those who in the past thought fostering wasn’t something they could do.”