Former home of Doncaster Rovers goes on the market

The old Doncaster Rovers ground, Belle Vue.
The old Doncaster Rovers ground, Belle Vue.

THE former home of Doncaster Rovers has gone on the market sparking an expected bidding war from property developers.

Proceeds from the sale of the 10.2 acre plot will be split 50/50 between Doncaster Council, which own the site, and former Rovers owners Westferry Ltd, which owns the lease for the prime plot off Bawtry Road.

Now it is expected there will be serious competition among the major housebuilders for what is described as the “best housing site in South Yorkshire.”

The prospect of high rise apartments being built on the gateway site - outlined in early blueprints - are off the drawing board, say the joint agents.

Mike Clynch, architect for Westferry, said there would be considerable interest in the land and it received contact from big housebuilders.

“Because it is such a good site we expect some decent bids because they will be in competition with each other. I can’t put a figure on it but we hope for a good return for the council and Westferry.

“This is not a distress sale and we are really optimistic about what price it will achieve.”

Developers have until May 26 to submit bids. Any sale may not be completed until later this year.

Mr Clynch was chief development officer at Doncaster Council in the 1990s masterminded The Dome development.

He added: “It is a fantastic frontage and there are not many sites in the country with that kind of aspect overlooking the racecourse and with such proximity to leisure facilities. I think it’s the best housing site in South Yorkshire.”

He confirmed the main access to the development will be from Bawtry Road and not from the Asda access road, and none of the houses will be more than three storeys.

Mayor Peter Davies described the possible sale as a “wonderful opportunity” for a developer.

Daniel Fell, of Doncaster Chamber, welcomed the progress and said the site had “real potential.”