Former chef cooks up a treat after £600 win

GARRY Calladine who will be learning all about fine dining.
GARRY Calladine who will be learning all about fine dining.

Garry Calladine, who turned 51 last week, will be learning all about fine dining after being chosen out of thousands to receive over £600 of free gourmet food.

Garry, from Epworth, entered a competition run by online gourmet food retailer,, to find 12 taste testers for their gourmet grub.

More than 18,000 people applied for the role – 1,500 for each position - and Garry has been selected thanks to his love of top quality food.

Each taste tester will receive a free hamper of gourmet goods for three months which they will then have to taste test for the company. If the food doesn’t make the grade, then it will be ditched by the online food retailer.

Among the foods included will be extra mature ribeye steak, corn fed chicken, Danish pork loin steak and Hereford ribeye roasting joint

Garry, now retired, worked as a chef for over 13 years and during that time developed a real passion for cooking exciting, healthy dishes.

Since retirement, Garry has been able to indulge his love of fine food, eating at top hotels and enjoying experimenting in his own kitchen.

Garry was chosen as a taster after being voted for by friends, family and Westin Gourmet customers and is delighted to have won the coveted role.

He said: “Since I retired I’ve been on the lookout for new challenges and this one is perfect for me. It means I can indulge my passion of cooking new dishes with top quality ingredients, and I get to tell other people about it and hopefully inspire them to try something new.

“Really important to me is cooking with good ingredients. They make an average dish become an exceptional one and really make a difference to the taste.

“This is a wonderful opportunity and I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

A spokesman for the site said: “The response from people wanting to taste test our food was amazing. We’re confident the 12 chosen will do a great job and will hopefully inspire other amateur chefs to try out some of their suggestions and cook with our gourmet foods.

“We will be true to our word and those foods which get a low score from our testers will be taken out of our range. It’s really important that our customers are always delighted with the foods we provide so this is a great way for us to lose anything that doesn’t meet their very exacting standards.”