First glimpse inside auditorium at new Doncaster theatre Cast

Cast, Doncaster's new theatre.
Cast, Doncaster's new theatre.

The interior of Doncaster’s new theatre Cast has been revealed for the first time.

The builders behind the new £22 million venue have released a photo showing off the plush new interior of the venue which will open on September 6.

The picture shows the main two-tier auditorium which will be the centrepiece of the new building.

The building, which was inspired by the architectural and industrial heritage of Doncaster, was contracted to VINCI Construction UK by Doncaster Council and its development partner Muse Developments and is now complete.

Cast includes a 620 seat auditorium, a flexible studio space, drama studio, dance studio, education and ancillary space, and a large foyer with a complete café.

Work on the project began in September 2011 and serves as key focal point in the wider £300m regeneration of Doncaster‘s new Civic and Cultural Quarter.

The new performing arts facility will offer the opportunity for creative and cultural exchange to take place between artists and audiences and will attract local, national and international companies to its spaces.

Michael Broadhead Project Director at Muse, said: “Cast is a wonderful addition to the scheme adding culture to the quarter. VINCI Construction UK and the design team have worked extremely hard to deliver the building on time and to budget and we’re delighted with the end result.”

Councillor Bob Johnson, cabinet member for Regeneration and Growth, Tourism and Veteran’s Champion, said: “Cast forms an important part of the new Civic and Cultural Quarter which is transforming 25% of the town centre. Doncaster continues to go from strength to strength and delivery of this major new performance venue will take the town to a new level, helping attract new investment, businesses, economic growth and jobs. Cast and the new quarter will be another major attraction for our residents and visitors to enjoy.”

Keith Shivers, Regional Director, VINCI Construction UK, Building Division – North East, said: “The new performance venue is a facility that Doncaster will be proud of.

“The architectural design of the theatre is a cultural hub for artists, and the visually attractive theatre with superb acoustics will create a memorable experience for audiences and performers.

“We are extremely proud to deliver this scheme because it is a facility the local community will get great use out of.”