Firm moves to Manvers site

A FIRM which supplies equipment to the leisure industry has moved from Sheffield into a new base at Manvers.

Thetford Ltd. have relocated their operation from Hillsborough to Brookfields Park to meet and expanding consumer demand.

The firm supplies products such as sanitary systems and cooking equipment to the leisure industry and the new base will allow them to expand business.

Around 200 people work at the company, which have been moved over gradually bt department to the new site over the last few months.

Human Resources Maanger John Stephenson said: “We are a business that continues to grow in a very competitive global marketplace.

“We do this through our trained, dedicated workforce.

“Additional employment opportunities on all levels for local people are constantly evolving.”

Thetford Ltd. was nominated as winner of the ‘Champion Business 2010’ at the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Awards.

It supplies equipment to companies based all over the World, including Australia, USA, Brazil and China.