FEATURE: Isle residents urged to consider adoption or fostering


As people across the country celebrate National Adoption Week, North Lincolnshire Council’s adoption and fostering service are on the lookout for more parents and carers for children who cannot live with their birth family.

NLC is looking for people who are prepared to ‘go that extra mile’ to care for children who really need the opportunity to have a stable and loving home.

A spokesman said: “Some children do not always get the start in life that they deserve and so they need adults who will commit to them and be by their side in order to overcome the impact of those early experiences.

“We are really interested to hear from those who can consider fostering to adopt and who can consider caring for sibling groups and older children.

“There are many ways in which to offer a permanent and loving home to a child; adoption is just one way.

“Our team are also waiting to hear from you if you would like to be a foster carer and make the difference to a child needing a family.

“​If you are interested in adopting or fostering, get in touch with us.”

They explained that there is no such thing as a typical adopter or foster carer.

The service is looking out for people who have different experiences and different things to offer.

NLC wants to hear from anyone who is over 21 years of age including married couples, couples living together in a stable relationship, same sex couples living together or in a civil partnership and single people.

North Lincolnshire Council does not discriminate on the grounds of age, class, culture, disability, race or sexual orientation.

Councillor David Rose, cabinet member for children, families and learning, said: “Making the decision to adopt is one of the biggest steps that anyone can take but it is also one of the most rewarding.

“If you have ever thought about adoption, please get in touch with us.

“Adopting can and does change a child’s life.

“Opening up your heart and home to a child will also change your life.

“This National Adoption Week we are encouraging people to support adoption.

“Our children and young people needing a permanent home are all different ages and have a variety of needs.

“We are looking for potential adoptive parents who come from a range of different backgrounds who can provide a loving home for them.

“There isn’t a typical adopter.

“We want to bust any myths out there about who can and can’t foster.

“Whether you are single, a same sex couple or have a disability – we welcome all applications.

You may have been thinking about being an adopter or foster carer for some time, don’t delay, use National Adoption Week to make a difference to a child’s life.

Get in touch with the Adoption and Fostering Team now on 01724 297024.

Alternatively you can email them via adoption@northlincs.gov.uk or visit the dedicated website www.northlincs.gov.uk/adoption.

The Adoption and Fostering Service not only works with those living in North Lincolnshire, and are interested in adoption, but also welcomes contact from any people whe are living outside of the North Lincolnshire region.

* Case study: Bob and Jenny from Epworth wanted to extend their family as they couldn’t have any more naturally and thought they had a lot of love to offer a child.

They said: “The Adoption Service team were amazing, very supportive and fully understood our needs for our daughter; she was fully included and considered throughout.

“Her feelings were just as important as our new additions.

“The adoption team have always been there for us throughout the whole experience and been very supportive with any challenges we have had, especially when phasing our son into nursery.

“The courses provided were a great chance to talk and share our experiences, thoughts and feelings.

“More importantly we know the team are always there for us, even now we have fully adopted our son. It has truly been a whole family experience for us.”

About National Adoption Week 2016

The theme is embodied by the hashtag #SupportAdoption. As in previous years, the need to find families for some of the most vulnerable children remains at the heart of this year’s event. National Adoption Week 2016 will aim to encompass all aspects of adoption, to demystify and clarify the adoption process, reflect the challenges of adoptive parenting, share individual stories, showcase and signpost to best practice and invite anyone whose life or heart is touched by it to #SupportAdoption.