FEATURE: Epworth is not as unique as you might like to think it is!

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For the people of the Isle of Axholme, Epworth is a place they are really proud of.

It is a town steeped in history and tradition and many might say it quite unique.

But is it?

Epworth is in fact not the only place in the world named as such.

After researching we have discovered a number of Epworths, spread far and wide, and while they are all extremely different from North Lincolnshire, there is a recurring theme to most of these places, and that is Methodism.

In the United States of America there are at least five Epworths we could find - in Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Michigan.

Epworth can even be found as far afield as Africa. We took a closer look at Epworth in Zimbabwe, a city and suburb of Harare.

The city does have a crime problem, and is not rich or healthy, however, and in recent years, it has been the focus of a project to help improve academic ability in the townships and to assist with the improvement of electricity provision and running water in homes.

Tariro is a grassroots non-profit organisation founded in 2003 and registered in the United States, working in Zimbabwe to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by educating young women and girls.

A spokesman said: “Tariro’s work with Zimbabwean girls emphasises the importance of women’s education as an effective response to the AIDS epidemic.

“Young women in communities affected HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe are in jeopardy of dropping out of school due to a lack of financial resources, putting them at high risk of contracting HIV.

“Education can reverse this negative cycle, since attending school dramatically reduces the risk that a young Zimbabwean women will become infected with HIV/AIDS.

“By educating young women, Tariro empowers them to build a future free from poverty and disease.”

Despite this the city is home to Epworth School (left), providing a rich and diverse education for boys and girls up until Grade 7, and girls only from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

A spokesman said: “Epworth School has been creating extraordinary pupils since 1898. You know what Epworth offers: in words alone it’s a Christian school with a Methodist ethos that welcomes children of all faiths. “But it is actually so much more. More exciting, more challenging, more diverse in what it offers. Epworth is so much more than a school. It is a glittering journey through a transformative process of becoming the best that you can be.

“We take pride in preparing our youngsters for a future where they are confident, knowledgeable and multi-faceted.”

The landscape around Epworth is somewhat different from the Isle. The area is famous for its ‘balancing rocks’ – geomorphological features of igneous rocks found in many parts of Zimbabwe.

The formations are of natural occurrence in a perfectly balanced state without other support.

They were created when ancient granite intrusions were exposed to weathering, as softer rocks around them eroded.

They are seen (inset) in the form of huge angular blocks of granite piled on top of and beside one another, forming pillars and stacks, like a child’s building blocks.