Fashion fails will come back to haunt you

Doncaster Free Press reporter Kate Mason.  Picture: Liz Mockler D1594LM
Doncaster Free Press reporter Kate Mason. Picture: Liz Mockler D1594LM

they say fortune favours the brave but that isn’t always the case when it comes to fashion.

I’m sure we’ve all had a fair few frock horrors in our times and looked back in embarrassment at photographs of ourselves modelling the latest trends of the day.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit my white, purple, pink and turquoise shell suit wasn’t my finest hour.

And my psychedelic cycle shorts that would’ve looked more at home in an episode of Ab Fab left a lot to be desired.

But it does make you feel a lot better about yourself when our so called fashion icons are guilty of the exact same crimes.

And the sack the stylist moments have now been laid bare in the poll of the biggest celebrity fashion disasters of the century.

One of my favourite fashionistas, Victoria Beckham, has topped the poll for her ill-advised lip ring when promoting her solo material back in 2001.

The now celebrated fashion designer and one time wedge trainer wearing Spice Girl even knocked Lady Gaga’s meat dress (that came in third) off the top spot with 20 per cent of the vote.

It was Posh’s uber-stylish husband and all time god among men David Beckham who took second place with 19 per cent of the vote for his cornrows hair style in 2003.

This does give the rest of us hope in that mistakes made in the golden couple’s past have not hindered their rise to the top of more complimentary fashion polls in later life.

But the now-stylish pair can take solace in the fact it was just an individual look that was highlighted as other celebrities made the cut just from their everyday attire.

Kim Kardashian received 14 per cent of the vote, and cartoon look-alike Nicki Minaj 10 per cent for “everything” they wear.

Angelina Jolie’s controversial side split dress, that she wore to the Oscars, which was widely mocked thanks to the pose she adopted on the red carpet and led to her leg landing its own Twitter profile, also made the top 10 with five per cent.

Ill advised outfits from Katy Perry, Kanye West and Tulisa were in there along with everything worn by high-waisted music mogul Simon Cowell.

Although it’s entertaining to mock the fashion disasters of others I do love someone who isn’t afraid to set their own style. And it is fun to experiment with fashion even if it comes back to bite you on the stone-washed denim covered bum in years to come.