Family thanks life saving unit

Lisa Stainton and her daughter Megan (7).
Lisa Stainton and her daughter Megan (7).

A FAMILY has raised more than £1,500 to give to a hospital’s ambulance unit which saved a mum’s life.

Lisa Stainton, is taking the slow road to recovery after contracting septicaemia and pneumonia which left her fighting for her life in intensive care.

The 38-year-old from Ealand was admitted to Scunthorpe General Hospital in April suffering with breathing difficulties.

Lisa’s husband Darrell said: “It was worse than awful; it was frightening. She was sick and feeling terrible. She was struggling to breathe, and going downhill fast.”

Lisa was placed on a ventilator because she could not breathe unaided. Darrell sat with her all night, and the following day she was transferred to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, which sent a special ambulance to collect her. “By tea-time that day she was linked to a machine in an ambulance full of equipment,” added Darrell, 38.

“The staff were incredible. They are amazing people who gave her superb treatment and saved her life. They couldn’t have been any more professional.

“You’d have thought the nurses were actually doctors, they were really clever, so good at their jobs.”

Lisa stayed at the Leicester hospital for three weeks and was transferred to Hull.

She returned home to Asquith Avenue at the end of July to be reunited with Darrell and their daughter Megan, aged seven.

Lisa still receives dialysis treatment at Hull three times a week.

Darrell recently organised a charity evening and bingo session at Ealand Victory Hall, raising £1,510 for the unit as a thank you. He also thanked all those who donated.

“The unit at Glenfield Hospital is renowned worldwide - thank God Lisa was referred there,“ said Darrell.

“You can’t put a price on life and without the ambulance Lisa would have died.

“The ambulance would not exist if it wasn’t for other people raising money for it.”